Our Journey

Our Journey

The Heart of Our Story: Battling Infertility

Our journey is deeply rooted in personal experience. We battled with infertility challenges and underwent IVF treatments for seven years before our first daughter was born in 2019. We intimately understand the preciousness of breastfeeding and the emotional significance of commemorating the memory of breastfeeding and motherhood. Faced with a lack of suitable options in the keepsake market, we embarked on the path of creating our own. Countless days were spent researching the best materials and jewelry, testing hundreds of different combinations. Through a journey of trial and error, we finally discovered the products that would become the heart of AXC Design & Co.

Our Humble Beginnings

In the beginning, our venture into crafting breastmilk jewelry was an intimate affair—originally meant for friends and family. Little did we anticipate the overwhelming response that would propel us to expand our horizons. The unexpected popularity urged us to develop DIY kits, and thus began our journey on Etsy. At that time, DIY kits were available, but none quite like ours. Fueled by dedication and a user-centric approach, we meticulously created a product that resonated with our clients, addressing their needs with unparalleled detail. The result? Thousands of kits sold and hundreds of 5-star reviews within the first year alone.

Challenges on the Horizon

As we celebrated our first year on the internet, we couldn't help but notice a disheartening trend. Some Etsy sellers had started to emulate not just our success but also our DIY kit materials. Over the years, the number of imitators has grown, attempting to replicate everything from instructions to materials, FAQs to item descriptions. Some have even gone as far as claiming precedence, copying and pasting our website information and kit materials.

The Disgrace of Copycats

Dealing with copycats is undeniably disheartening, especially when many of them are mothers themselves. However, in this imitation, we find a subtle affirmation—we are truly the benchmark in the keepsake market and a role model for many. While breastmilk DIY kits have been around for over a decade, our unique approach has set us apart. Despite the constant influx of new shops, particularly during the pandemic, we stand strong at the forefront.

Gratitude for Support

We owe our resilience and success to the unwavering support of our clients, as evidenced by their countless 5-star reviews and trust in our brand. This support is our greatest motivation in continuously refining and perfecting our premium kits. Committed to authenticity, we remain true to ourselves, constantly seeking avenues for improvement. As we navigate the complexities of imitation, we stand firm in our dedication to providing you with the best in the keepsake market. Thank you for being a part of our story and for choosing us for your cherished memories.


With heartfelt gratitude,

AXC Design & Co.

Cherished memories, precious and unique.

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