What is breastmilk jewelry?

Breast milk jewelry is a sentimental keepsake that incorporates preserved breast milk into its design, beautifully symbolizing the profound bond between a mother and her child.

Why is it important to preserve my breast milk?

Preserving your breast milk is essential to prevent spoilage, and our proven formula has been effective since 2017. Without proper preservation, breast milk can quickly turn brown.

How Our DIY Kits work?

Crafting your own distinctive and sentimental breast milk jewelry at home is effortless with our DIY kit, which includes all the essential materials for seamlessly incorporating your breast milk into the jewelry piece. Learn More Here.

Can you make my breastmilk jewelry?

Yes! We can help make any of our DIY jewelry with your very own breastmilk for a $45 custom order fee. Please click HERE for more details. Once you place the order, we'll send you a collection kit with tools to collect 10ml of your breastmilk, along with a prepaid label and an envelope for you to send it back to us. Shipping your breastmilk is totally hassle-free!

What happens if there's any inclusion leftovers?

If there's any remaining inclusion after completing your order, we will include it in the return shipment.

Will my breastmilk stone look the same as in the photo?

All breast milk varies in color due to different mineral components from the mother's body, just like all babies are different—no two are alike. Therefore, your stone may not look identical to the images. However, this individuality is what makes it unique and special to you.

Will the color of my stone stay the same over time?

Our stones are crafted from the highest quality UV-resistant resin. While it's natural for resin to undergo color changes over time, the stone may acquire a creamy ivory hue, but it will never turn yellow. Proper care is essential for maintaining the longevity of your jewelry. Please refer to our care instructions, and buyers are responsible for reading and following the provided care instructions.

What is your turnaround time for custom order?

Production time varies but is typically between 4-6 weeks after we receive your breastmilk.

Can I wear my breastmilk jewelry daily?

Our keepsake breastmilk jewelry is not intended for daily wear since the stone may be sensitive to direct sunlight, heat, and/or moisture.

If you plan to wear your jewelry frequently, we recommend our sterling silver or solid 18k gold options, as gold plating may fade over time.

More questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions not addressed here!