End Product/Unfavorable Results:

Please be aware that we have no control over the outcome of your DIY project. All DIY kits include detailed instructions for creating your own breast milk stone and attaching it to your jewelry setting. Buyers are responsible for reading and following the provided instructions. We are not liable for any replacements if an error is caused by the buyer.

While our product has been tested and proven effective since 2017 by thousands of mothers, it may not work with all types of breast milk. Therefore, we advise against using your very last drops of breast milk with our product.

Gold-Plated Jewelry:

Please note that all gold-plating will naturally wear out over time, and this is not considered a quality defect. Proper care is crucial for extending the lifespan of your gold-plated jewelry. Buyers are responsible for reading and adhering to the care instructions provided. If fading occurs, you can bring your jewelry to a local jeweler for polishing and additional plating to restore shine and color. All our gold-plated jewelry is plated under solid sterling silver unless otherwise stated in the description.

Freedom from Liability:

By purchasing and sending your inclusion, you agree to release AXC Design & Co Keepsake Jewelry from any liability and/or legal pursuit for the loss of your inclusions and the preservation of your breast milk leftovers. We recommend against sending us your very last inclusion due to the potential risk of loss or damaging accidents.