Care Instructions

Gold-plated jewelry:
• GENTLY rub the surface with a soft cloth.
• DO NOT use a polishing cloth as it will strip away the gold plating.
Solid sterling silver & solid gold jewelry:
• For normal cleaning, gently rub the surface with a soft cloth.
• If the surface is dull looking, use a jewelry polishing cloth.
All jewelry:
• Gently rub the surface using a damp soft cloth.
• DO NOT use jewelry cleaning solutions on your keepsake jewelry.
• DO NOT soak your keepsake jewelry in water.
• Keep jewelry away from direct sunlight, heat and high moisture areas.
• Store jewelry in the original pouch/box when it is not being used.
• DO NOT store different metals together as they may tarnish,
fade and/or turn colors over time.
• Keepsake jewelry is not meant to be worn daily, please treat your jewelry
delicately; breast milk stones are scratch resistant, but not scratch-proof.
• DO NOT swim, shower or wash your hands with your jewelry on.
• DO NOT apply lotions, hand sanitizers, perfumes 
or any other chemical to the jewelry. Remove jewelry 
when you exercise or do anything that will cause excess sweating.