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Custom Breastmilk Stone Fee

Custom Breastmilk Stone Fee

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Let us make your breastmilk jewelry for you!

This listing is for clients who want us to make their breastmilk jewelry ($45 per item) instead of getting a DIY kit.  

How does it work?

Shipping your breastmilk is easy and hassle free!

1 Place the order.

Purchase this custom fee and the item(s) that you want us to make.

2 Wait for a collection kit and return your breastmilk.

Within 1-3 business days of the order is received, we’ll send you a breast milk collection kit to collect 10ml of breast milk along with a prepaid return envelope for you to drop off the breastmilk at your local UPS store. 

3 Nothing else to worry and we'll send your jewelry once finished!

We'll contact you once the return package has arrived and we'll then complete your order. Production time varies but typically between 4-6 weeks to get your order shipped.

Once it's shipped, you'll receive an email notification with tracking details.


All breast milk is different in color due to different mineral components from the mother's body, just like all babies are different - no two are alike. Therefore, your stone will not look identical to our listing images. That’s also what makes it unique and special to you. Keepsake jewelry is not meant to be worn daily. We do not guarantee the same results for all, please do not use your very last drop of breastmilk with the kit just incase if the result didn't meet your expectations. Please read our FAQs and disclaimer page before placing your order.

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